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Information for Well Owners

To optimize the longevity of your current or future well, ensure the quality of the water, and avoid costly repairs there are certain basic concepts every well owner should know and learn and follow. And remember, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your current well or a well you are thinking of installing, call Fundin Pump & Well Service. We are here to be of service and our 50 plus years of pump & well experience will assure you that you will be receiving the best possible well system, information and service.


  • Small problems can often be identified by performing maintenance before they become costly, inconvenient situations. This is similar to performing routine maintenance on a motor vehicle. If you have the oil changed at specified intervals, the engine will operate reliably much longer than if you do not. Do not become stranded without water over the relatively small cost of an annual service call—the cost of a repair call could be much higher.
  • At a minimum, wells should be evaluated annually by a licensed or certified water well systems professional. An annual water well checkup should include: a flow test, visual inspection, a water quality test for coliform and anaerobic bacteria, nitrates, and anything else of local concern, checking valves, electrical testing.
  • Make sure to label the breaker switch in your electrical panel that serves your well pump– so if you ever have a break in a water line, this will allow you to quickly shut off the breaker to your well pump, then make the needed repair and then turn the breaker on to pressure the system back up.
  • Insulate plumbing to tanks to avoid freezing and the resultant problems, don’t forget the ¼ inch nipple under the pressure switch, a common overlooked source of freezing.
  • Wells should be checked and tested annually for mechanical problems, cleanliness, and the presence of certain contaminants, such as coliform bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, and any other contaminants of local concern, (for example, arsenic and radon).
  • Well water should be tested more than once a year if there are recurrent incidents of gastrointestinal illness among household members or visitors and/or a change in taste, odor, or appearance of the well water.
  • All hazardous materials, such as paint, fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil, should be kept far away from your well.
  • When mixing chemicals, do not put the hose inside the mixing container, as this can siphon chemicals into your household’s water system.
  • Consult Fundin Pump & Well Service to verify that there is proper separation between your well, home, waste systems, and chemical storage facilities.
  • Always check the well cover or well cap to ensure it is intact. The top of the well should be at least one foot above the ground.
  • Once your well has reached its serviceable life (usually at least 20 years), consult Fundin Pump & well Service regarding decommission of the existing well and construction of a new well.

Visually inspect any above-ground pumping equipment

  • Ensure motors are properly cooled and vented (do not close them in and block air flow), check for shaft seal leaks, and rust or other signs of weakened fittings. Any maintenance other than cleaning should be left to a water well systems professional.
  • Examine other above-ground well system wiring and parts such as pipes, connections, joint seals, gauges, pressure relief valves, and the water meter (if present).
  • A water sample tap should be located near the pressure tank, high enough to easily collect a water sample. Consider having a water well systems professional install one if there are none present.
  • Signs of corrosion or breakages indicate a water well systems professional should be consulted.
  • Any odor of burned connections or wiring indicates a water well systems professional or qualified electrician should be consulted. Do not attempt to repair electrical connections unless you are qualified to do so! This can lead to safety concerns.

The following are indicators of when a water well systems professional should be called to evaluate the condition of your well

  • Anytime the well has to be opened up (cap or well seal removed).
  • If you experience taste or odor problems—have the water tested by a professional anytime there is a change in taste or odor.
  • If you experience turbidity—cloudiness of water caused by presence of suspended matter (“dirty” looking).
  • If there is a loss of capacity or pressure—the well is not producing as much water as previously produced, the pressure drops and surges, or the pump cycles on and off frequently.
  • If a test is positive for total coliforms, anaerobic bacteria, or any positive test results indicating a potential health concern. Contact a professional if you experience any positive test results or believe your well has been contaminated. A water well systems professional should be hired to thoroughly clean and disinfect any well that has had a positive “anaerobic” bacterial test result, which should include removal of any pumping equipment and evacuation of the well to its bottom to be sure of maximum removal of anaerobic growth. When you find defects with your wellhead, the wellhead area, or the overall water system during your routine inspections and find that you do not have the proper tools and/or knowledge to fix the issue(s). A mistake in self-servicing your well can cost you thousands of dollars, cause personal injury or death, damage personal property, and leave you and your family without water until a qualified professional can be on-site to fix the issue(s).


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